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AI-powered insights designed for business teams. No IT experience required.

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Built for people who manage 

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Organizations are swimming in spreadsheets and business applications, but lack the right tools to turn their data into insights. Today's business intelligence tools were built for IT and data teams, but Wallabi was designed for business teams. It does the analytics work for you, so you can spend your time where it matters most.

Make better decisions, easier than ever

Wallabi is an AI-powered analytics assistant that helps you understand your data so you can improve outcomes in any business function.

It makes data analysis feel like a conversation, and gives you personalized answers to all your business questions.

Own your analytics, drive your own success

Wallabi is your team’s dedicated data analyst. It helps you analyze your business your way - without relying on IT experts.

Just tell Wallabi what you need. It automatically uncovers insights while you work, and answers questions before you need to ask. 

Save time and effort, get more done

Get started in minutes. Wallabi gives you instant access to advanced analysis, without any complex setup or training required.

Connect, create, and collaborate easily, right from your browser. No separate downloads or logins necessary.

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What can Wallabi do for you?

Personalizes your experience

Wallabi learns about you, so it can tailor its analysis to what you care about.

Working on a strategy document? Weekly status email? Stakeholder presentation? Wallabi generates insights relevant to you and your work.

Understands your data

Wallabi is your AI-powered analytics expert, helping you make better decisions.

Wallabi removes information silos by connecting the dots across your team’s data, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Works where you work

Wallabi delivers insights as you move between apps, documents, and email.

You don’t have to learn another tool or save another bookmark. Wallabi is always one click away, in all of your work and business apps.

Answers follow-up questions

Have a specific question? Need to dive deeper? Just ask Wallabi.

A business-friendly chat experience helps you discover new insights and dive into even deeper analysis. No coding required.

Alerts your team

Keep your team informed of key insights and moving in the right direction.

Wallabi helps you share insights with your teammates, and stay up to date on the business questions they’re asking.

Brings insights to your docs

Forget dashboards. Create data-driven documents that get attention.

Effortlessly add analytic content to your status reports, documents, presentations, email, and more.

About Us

Wallabi was founded with the mission to unlock everyone’s full potential using data. We believe that better informed people can accomplish great things. Unfortunately today’s data tools do not make analytics accessible to everyone:


of employees report feeling overwhelmed or unhappy when working with data.


find an alternative method to complete the task without using data at all.


of employees don’t use BI & analytics tools in the average organization.

Wallabi represents a new era in data and analytics. With decades of experience in business intelligence, analytics, and AI, our founders are committed to making data analytics technologies more inclusive. We want everyone to benefit from data-driven insights regardless of role, background, or expertise. Get in touch with us and unlock your team’s potential today.

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